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Successful bloggers are known by their name. Many even name their blog the same as their personal name.
Whenever you comment on any blog using the email address you sign up with at Gravatar, your image will be displayed next to your comments. So be thoughtful before you start commenting on blogs in your niche as you build your online identity.

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Blogging is all about your own personal authentic experience which you can use to build your credibility online.
If you use your real name, you’ll be taken more seriously and people won’t think you may be trying to hide something.

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Not something i’m great at because i had to study really hard just to achieve a B+ in English at secondary College.
Referring to a specific section or paragraph of a post when commenting makes it easy for the post author and readers to follow your comment. This can help increase replies to your comments and interest in you and your blog which builds your online presence.

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Wish more blogs gave you the chance to edit your comments like some already do after hitting the submit button!
Once you’ve hit the ‘submit comment’ button, its all over. No going back and fixing spelling mistakes or poor grammar.

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Leaving links in comments is not a good look and most readers will label you a spammer if you do this.
I don’t think its a great idea to add a link in the website field which links to a specific post related to the topic you are commenting on.

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What’s the most embarrassing story from your childhood?

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